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Online User Reports Sales Agents

It is time to put the Internet to work making the creation and processing of custom reports convenient, simple, and accessible for end users and administrators. At OUReports, we can serve organizations from our cloud Web server or by installing our Web application OUReports on their own Web server. Our system requires only restricted access(reading permissions) to the database of the organization we are serving. Our application automatically analyzes data structure, generates a set of preliminary reports, and provides a simple interface for creating ad hoc reports and conducting statistical research. Any organization storing data in SQL Server, MySQL,Cache Intersystems databases, Oracle, or even in text delimited files, can use our system to quickly and easily generate fast highly informational and statistical reports.
To be OUReports Sale Agent you should be eligible to work as freelancer independent contractor in USA, have the PayPal account to be paid associated with your email, and is expressly agreed to act as independent contractor and not as employee. It is very important to read the OUReports Sale Agent Independent Contractor Agreement below.

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